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Diabetic Retinopathy:

Diabetes affects the tiny blood vessels of the eye in the form of blockage and when there is associated leakage your vision can be affected. Fortunately with regular, proper eye care and treatment when necessary the incidence of severe vision loss can be greatly reduced.


Most often, Diabetic Retinopathy shows no symptoms until the damage is severe. However, some of the symptoms include:

Treatment for Diabetic Retinopthy at Vasan::

At Vasan Eye Care, we understand the complications caused by diabetes and thoroughly examine all our diabetic patients before determining the treatment to be offered. Our approach includes:

Retinal Detachment:

Retinal detachment occurs when the sensory retina separates from the retinal pigment epithelium like wallpaper peeling off a damp wall. If a retinal detachment is not detected and treated it can result in the loss of some vision or severe visual loss.

Symptoms that warn of a retinal detachment:


Retinal detachment can be treated. The treatment involves an operation to reattach the retina. Sooner the treatment is carried out, better are the results.

Expertise, skill and technology are our key strengths in combating vitreoretinal disorders.

We are adept at treating even extensive and complicated vitreoretinal disorders with modern technology and state of the art equipment.

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