Dr. Pradeep Kumar Shetty Adyar


Specialist Ophthalmologist

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About Dr. Pradeep Kumar Shetty Adyar

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Shetty is a Specialist Ophthalmologist specialized in surgical ophthalmology from the Bombay University, India.  He has worked as specialist ophthalmologist at NMC Hospital in Al Ain for 12 years.

With over 30 years of diversified work experience, of which 25 years of work experience has been in the Gulf, and highly skilled in the treatment of eye diseases Dr. Pradeep Kumar’s area of expertise encompasses the following services:

Routine eye exam
Indirect ophthalmoscopy and retinal scan
Paediatric eye exam
Cataract Surgeries
Anti glaucoma Surgeries
Retinal laser
Yag iridotomy, capsulotomy
Pterygium Excision with graft
Corneoscleral tear repair
Secondary IOL Implantation
Lacrimal sac surgeries
Eye Lid Surgeries(Chalazion, Hordeolum, Lid Abcess, Entropion correction)
Strabismus surgery
DCR Surgery
Intravitreal Injections(Anti VEGF)
Conjunctival Cyst/Granuloma Excisions