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Dr. Basel Alfaouri

Dr. Basel Alfaouri

Medical Director, Anterior segment and Glaucoma surgeon

Dr. Basel completed his Graduation in Medicine from the reputed Damascus University, Syria in 2001 and the Syrian Board in Ophthalmology from the Ministry of Health, 2006. He did a Fellowship in Glaucoma from Eye Surgical Hospital considered as the largest and most specialized center for Ophthalmology in Syria.

He has served in several hospitals in Damascus like Eye Surgical Hospital as a specialist in the anterior segment and glaucoma department, Al Shifa Hospital, Al Razi Hospital and worked in Dubai Hospital as senior specialist from 2013 to 2015 before joining Vasan Eye Care.

Areas of Specialization

Glaucoma diagnosis and management

Glaucoma surgery in the following areas:
    - Trabeculectomy with /without MMC
    - Express shunt implantation
    - Ahmad valve / molteno shunt implantation
    - Selective laser trabeculoplasty SLT
    - Cyclodiode laser photocoagulation for the ciliary body
    - Congenital glaucoma surgery

Cataract surgery (phaco+ intraocular lens implantation)

Lasik surgery